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dev0tedt0y0u said: Hi, I'd like to preview your theme released on Sep. 22, but I have no idea where should I click to see it.

Here is the link to my themes and here is the link to theme #7’s permalink where u can see the previews

29th September - 0
Anonymous said: I saw on your blog you answer a question about the gun side image but how do I add it to the theme?

Here is how to put a side decoration image and if u want the image in a different place u can replace bottom with top or right with left and to move it up more make bottom:0px a higher number or to move it left more make right:0px a higher number

28th September - 0
c-rrystalised said: so im using restless but my first column of posts is going over my sidebar???

if that’s happening u can go into ur html and search (ctrl + f) #posts { and in it should be left:100px just make it left:150px if that still doesn’t help just let me know and i’ll figure it out

28th September - 0
idkmanjustblog said: i kinda have a glow blog and im just starting it but i really wanna pic for my background? suggest any?

these r some i would most likely use B)

x  x x x

27th September - 0
c-rrystalised said: theres a theme i want one preview is of sailor moon as the bg another is a pale glow one and whenever i try click on the theme to download it won't let me?? can you post a link to it please x

o nooooo my pastebin is ruining my life

but here is the link 2 the theme i hope it works /:

27th September - 0
Anonymous said: can you try making a meadow background that's kind of pale-ish? i hope im making sense. i cant find any online and i really like your work

a meadow bg that is paleish? i can try 2 find u one eventually but im not 100% positive on what u mean

27th September - 0
me-nourrir said: I really want the gird pattern with the gun but I cant find the link sooo?

the gun didn’t come with the grid background it was a side decoration

this is the image of the gun

27th September - 0
Anonymous said: Hi! Can you give me a link or a post for the background you used in preview 2 for Theme #7. It's the one with the grid and the gun. Thanks again for the themes!

this is 1 popular background it’s just a plain grid bg with a side decoration of a gun

27th September - 0

omg thnx all 100 of u guys that follow this blog n support me <3 100 may not seem a lot but it is 2 me i am glad all of u enjoy my themes

27th September - 0
brooklxn said: thank you so much for the theme!!!

ofc !!! i’m happy af u like it B)

23rd September - 0
22nd September - 27
brooklxn said: Could you make a code for THEME #1 - ANGEL BY SMOTHURED that has 4 or five columns?

sure (:

20th September - 1
joey-trohman said: hi um the link to download the code for panic by smothured doesn't seem to be working and i can't get to it??

It works for me, but here you go this should work:


I’ll probably reinsert the link later just to be sure it works.

18th September - 0

lmao someone give me theme ideas

11th September - 0
Anonymous said: Do your themes cost anything?

nope they’re all free

7th September - 0